What is the hyperbaric chamber for?

The terms hyperbaric medicine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy or simply, we hope that this article answers the question: What is the hyperbaric chamber for?, sessions in the hyperbaric chamber, are often heard in clinical contexts, and recently, also in high performance sports contexts, however, the use of the hyperbaric chamber in diving is extremely important for the safety and health of divers.

In simple words, treatments in the hyperbaric chamber serve to favor and facilitate the arrival of oxygen to all the tissues of the body. On the other hand, the pressures that can be reached inside the hyperbaric chamber also make this medical instrument ideal for shrinking gaseous bubbles inside the body and facilitating their expulsion.

When a nitrogen-breathing diver ascends too quickly after a deep dive, residual nitrogen can become lodged in their body, causing tingling, headaches, leg and arm pain, shortness of breath, and even paralysis. This problem is known as decompression syndrome.

The high pressure reached by the hyperbaric chamber is ideal for helping divers to expel those nitrogen residues that were unable to leave their body due to the early ascent to the surface and thus end all the symptoms of decompression syndrome.

What is the hyperbaric chamber for?

What is the hyperbaric chamber for?

The reasons why treatment in the hyperbaric chamber is most indicated are:

  • To optimize oxygen flow in severe cases of anemia
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning
  • To favor the diffusion of oxygen through the capillaries to the cells (usually to treat cases of gangrene)
  • decompression syndrome
  • Air embolism

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is also often used in sports contexts for intensive recovery purposes after events that require a lot of effort, such as important soccer matches, very long and demanding MMA fights, among other events that require a lot of physical dedication from athletes.

Although most athletes use these therapies for recovery purposes, in the context of diving, the hyperbaric chamber is used to assess whether individuals are capable of withstanding the high pressures of the depths without having to risk a first dive directly.

It is common for divers to request a professional medical evaluation with the help of the hyperbaric chamber to verify if their body continues to withstand high pressure after some health complication.

What is the hyperbaric chamber for?

What is the hyperbaric chamber for?

How does a hyperbaric chamber work?

The hyperbaric chamber is a compartment with room for one or more people (single or multi-seater respectively) and is built with a very resistant metal structure to be able to withstand the high pressures that are injected with compressed gas, this gas is usually pure oxygen.

The chambers have a computer that regulates, among other things, the pressure that is injected little by little.

Normally, at sea level, we are under 1 atmosphere of pressure and only 21% of the air we breathe is oxygen. When we enter a hyperbaric chamber, the pressures always vary depending on the patient and the problem to be treated, but the most common is that it rises from 1.6 to 3 atmospheres, with a constant 100% oxygen.

In very simple words, the hyperbaric chamber generates a pressure higher than that of the atmosphere, but unlike the ambient air, pure oxygen is breathed in the hyperbaric chamber.

Where can I find a hyperbaric chamber in Malaga?

Unfortunately, hyperbaric chambers are not as widely available near dive sites as would be desirable, so it is a good idea to be aware of where the nearest hyperbaric chamber is in case of an emergency.

We leave you the map of the main places where to find hyperbaric chambers in Malaga to receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Remember that in emergencies, the most appropriate thing is always to call the emergency services 112.

What is the hyperbaric chamber for?

What is the hyperbaric chamber for?

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