Trabajos en Medios Hiperbáricos

Hyperbaric Environments / Tunnelling machines

INSTAL SUB performs all kinds of work in hyperbaric environments, such as tunnel boring machines and similar environments.

Our company with more than 20,000 hours of work in tunnel boring machines, has been present in the tunnel boring machines used for the construction of the high-speed tunnels of the AVE and the metro lines 9 and 10.

The hyperbaric professionals of INSTAL SUB work in the period called hyperbaric stop, in an area where the atmospheric pressure is higher than normal to carry out those tasks necessary for the proper functioning of the tunnel boring machines.

Works in Hyperbaric Environments

We have extensive experience and many hours of work invested in operations on tunnel boring machines and metro lines.

What are jobs in hyperbaric environments?

They are operations carried out in environments where atmospheric pressure is higher than sea level pressure.

These jobs can be construction with tunnel boring machines, repair and maintenance.

The high pressures of hyperbaric media cause unwanted effects on the functioning of the body, altering both respiration, digestion and circulation through the bloodstream, placing great stress on the human body and its most essential functions.

For this reason, to perform operations in hyperbaric environments, it is essential to have special protective equipment to help properly regulate bodily functions.

Works with tunnel boring machines

TBMs are large pieces of machinery used to drill tunnels in the ground. These tunnels can then be used to build subway lines and highways.

TBMs often have a rotating head that blades a path through the ground as it moves forward.

Working at great depths

Generally repair operations carried out by divers in hydraulic works located at great underwater depths.

Due to the effect of high pressures, they require a special mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and helium gases to stay submerged safely and to make the ascent to the surface in stages to avoid adverse effects on health.