Medios Humanos

Human Resources

Professional divers, technicians, Patterns, Mariners, Mechanics, Maintenance Workers and administrative staff. All part of the conglomerate INSTALSUB to enable all projects that our clients trust us.

INSTALSUB important part is the teamwork. For us it is the backbone for the realization of all the work we do.

Each of us is an added value to our company and a key for and to our customers.

Equipment and Units


Diving control station in a 10-foot container with the capacity to manage supply of mixed gases, communications and video for 3 divers (2 working and 1 emergency).
Equipped with communications with the operators of the Hyperbaric chamber, LARS and the supervisor.
According to IMCA D018 and D023 guidelines
Equipment and Units


It is a frame for the recovery of up to 2 divers with a cabin and a frame. Manufactured for harsh marine conditions, using a durable paint system. The hydraulics include a 1-ton diver winch with 80 m of wire rope and a 0.65-ton guide wire with 160 m of wire rope.
Professional Diving


Catamaran equipped with innovative systems that allow you to comfortably carry out maneuvering and search operations with R.O.V. for location and rescue work, wiring and / or outfall inspections, repairs, etc.
Equipment and Units

Valian 750

This work boat offers fast, agile features and very useful space for assistance operations, with its large tank capacity that allows it to work for long periods without refueling, giving great autonomy to carry out inspection, communication or transport services.
Equipment and Units

Ford Transit 350

Designed and equipped for all those operations that require rapid intervention. At the same time, the intervention can be visualized, its interior is equipped with high-tech equipment, which allows monitoring two divers with audio and video.
Hyperbaric chamber

Hyperbaric chamber

Two-seater hyperbaric chamber consists of a 3.7 meter long 1.6 meter diameter module divided into two compartments, a chamber and a chamber, with capacity for four people seated or two stretched out. The antechamber has oxygen masks, light and exhaustion valves similar to those of the chamber.