Analistas en Sistemas de Buceo

Diving Systems Analysts

Operating properly, in underwater environments, requires a large amount of specialized technological equipment to guarantee successful, reliable and safe work in Diving Systems analysts.

In INSTALSUB, we offer our specialist technicians the highest technology, and all the necessary means to face any type of I work in hyperbaric, hostile or polluted environments.

Our dive systems analysts have extensive knowledge and preparation on the handling of all the equipment used in each operation, both in software and hardware.

In addition, they perfectly understand the engineering behind its operation, allowing them to ensure that all equipment works correctly before an operation, as well as to carry out the pertinent repairs and modifications, in those cases that require it.

Everything you need for analysts in diving systems

We are trained to carry out a wide variety of specialized jobs, since we have all the necessary technology in terms of underwater work, such as:
Hyperbaric chamber

Multiplace decompression chamber

Special chambers used by divers to safely perform the final stages of decompression out of the water.
Professional Diving

KIRB helmets

We use Kirby Morgan helmets enhanced with communication systems, and CCTV to achieve better performance and teamwork.
Ultrasonic thickness gauge

Ultrasonic meter

Special gauges that allow divers to determine the thickness of the structures to be cut or welded using ultrasound.
Underwater inspection

Cathodic protection meter

Equipment that allows measuring the cathodic protection potentials in hydraulic works to check that they continue to function correctly and avoid corrosion.
Burial meters

Burial meters

Meters that allow the exact location of pipes and electrical wiring. Its effectiveness and precision help reduce work times.
Equipment and Units

Equipped van

Van equipped with a gas panel and a real-time monitoring system to regulate the distribution of gases to divers and guarantee their safety.
Inspection Services R.O.V.


Advanced photography, video and television camera systems that allow high resolution documentation, even in harsh environments.


We have different communication systems to guarantee adequate coordination between all the different members that participate in the operations.
R.O.V. Inspection Services

R.O.V. equipped with sonar

The R.O.V. They are integrated with sonars and differential GPS, capable of operating at depths of up to 300 meters.

Work done by Analysts in Diving Systems

All our operations are carried out using the best technology to ensure success.

What Are Diving Systems Analyst Jobs?

Having the knowledge and expertise necessary to perform underwater operations, such as waterworks repairs and salvage of ships, is only part of what deepwater work requires.

It is essential to have system analysts in diving who know and fully understand the theoretical component behind all the instruments used in each operation.

Said personnel are in charge of operating the equipment from the surface when the divers perform the dives, making sure that all the machinery, technology and instruments work in order and function without alterations that may pose a danger to the underwater equipment.

Also, they remain well trained, training in new technologies under development in order to keep the company updated to achieve increasingly efficient and safe operations.

Some functions of system analysts in diving include:

Monitor and control the release of gases

The distribution of oxygen, nitrogen and helium required to breathe and stay in deep water is controlled from the surface by our qualified personnel to ensure the safety of the divers. Simultaneously, they are in charge of monitoring the levels of these gases during operations.

Software management

They are in charge of managing the R.O.V. and keep them updated. Their knowledge allows them to solve any failure in the system and guarantee its correct operation.