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Offshore Jobs

Taking advantage of the long experience that INSTAL SUB already had in the inspection, maintenance and repair of gas pipelines, and joining to this the technology of The ROV division, INSTAL SUB has managed to form a multidisciplinary team for offshore work, which has recently been certified by IMCA.

Our work team has all the necessary instruments to carry out various underwater operations regardless of the difficulty of the work or the hostility of the environment. All personnel are trained by national and international bodies and have a long history of performing high quality immersion work and thanks to the help of R.O.V. has increased the efficiency and precision of our operations, thus achieving the best results.

Offshore work done

We have performed a large amount of maintenance and evaluation work on the foundations of offshore oil plants and subsea gas pipelines.

What are the works carried out in Offshore

Special operations carried out in marine and submarine structures located offshore away from the coast.

Our specialists have carried out various works at high depths of inspection and repair of oil plants and gas pipelines, guaranteeing the safety and integrity of these structures so that they can continue to function optimally.

Oil plants

We use R.O.V. to inspect in detail the condition of the foundations of the oil plants, their pipelines and various underwater structures whose malfunction could endanger the lives of people on the platform or cause the cessation of operations.

In case of finding a fault, our divers make a dive to solve the problem personally and guarantee a permanent or lasting solution regardless of the hostility of the environment or the site and depth of the fault.

In difficult situations, our R.O.V. They have the necessary implements to solve problems in deep water or places where it is not safe for divers to access. Forming a perfect work team capable of solving any underwater situation in the oil plant.

Underground gas storage

As with oil plants, our team is trained and has carried out numerous inspection, maintenance and repair operations of offshore platforms dedicated to the extraction and injection of natural gas into wells and underground reservoirs under the seabed.

Again, thanks to the combined work between the divers and R.O.V. It is possible to inspect and solve faults quickly and safely, preventing any type of accidents or eventualities.

The operations are focused on making all the repairs that the pipelines or platforms require quickly and effectively, regardless of the complexity and severity of the failure.

Submarine gas pipelines

We carry out inspection and repair operations of underwater gas pipelines at great depth throughout their entire journey from the offshore platform to the coast.

With the help of R.O.V. It is possible to reach the seabed where the pipelines rest and make all the necessary adjustments, such as welding.