instalSUB, Professional Diving

instalSUB, Professional Diving we are much more than professional underwater jobs, we are a company dedicated to guaranteeing success in all our jobs and solving any situation regardless of difficulty, demanding maximum safety.


Much more than Professional Underwater Jobs.

A company dedicated to guaranteeing the success of all its operations and solving any situation no matter the difficulty.

Our staff is highly trained and multidisciplinary that is why we say that it is not only professional diving.

We have many years of experience doing work in underwater and hyperbaric environments, using only the best technology to fulfill each operation quickly and accurately.

We make sure to take into account even the smallest details, in order to achieve ideal results efficiently even in harsh environments and situations that require a high level of precision.

Professional Diving Jobs and more ...

Offshore jobs

Professional Diving Operations and / or R.O.V

We carry out a wide range of underwater operations in offshore areas by diving personnel, with the help of R.O.V., or both simultaneously.

Within the jobs done of professional diving we are in charge of inspecting submerged structures such as reservoirs, various parts of ships, fish farms and works hydraulic.

We also do relevant maintenance and repair work to ensure its correct operation and avoid accidents.

Our staff is also trained and has the necessary technology to participate in search operations for people and objects and to provide support in archaeological work.

Reservoir inspections

Water reservoirs, wells, dams, pits, marshes, fire reservoir.

Ship Inspections

Review of ship status of propellers, grids and anodes, all this and more is part of professional diving.

Fish farms

Inspections in fish farms and underwater type facilities.


Inspections in hydraulic works, outfalls, docks, ports, yacht club, anchorages, nuclear power plants.


Search for objects, people or underwater rescue either with ROV or Professional Diving.


Support in archaeological work, topographic studies and environment.

Some of our customers

Inspection Services R.O.V.

  • Inspection

    We carry out detailed inspections of the condition of underwater structures in search of possible failures or problems.

  • Environmental impact

    We help in operations aimed at assessing the state of the environment and the damage caused by pollution.

  • Rescue

    We participate in rescue operations for people and ships in cases of accident by inspecting underwater search areas.

  • Scientific studies

    We participate in rescue operations for people and ships in cases of accident by inspecting underwater search areas.

  • Documentation

    Our R.O.Vs have high-resolution cameras that help to document in detail the environment and the state of underwater structures.

  • Search

    We participate in all kinds of searching for people or objects in any underwater environment to help find the target as quickly as possible.