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Saturation work

INSTALSUB is the first national underwater work he has done in saturation alone.

The saturation technique is based on professional diving submersibles keep in pressurized chambers that keep the same pressure they have outside the hyperbaric chamber.

This allows them to spend long periods in depth for long-term projects without this technique would be almost impossible to achieve due to its high complexity.

Such operations are carried out with a heavy security, made up of experts in the hyperbaric field

Work done in Saturation

Guaranteeing success and quick results thanks to the saturation diving technique, managing to increase the efficiency of the work.

What are the jobs done in saturation?

Repair and maintenance operations in large hydraulic structures, using the saturation diving technique to achieve faster results safely.

A big problem with conventional diving is that the diver must go up to the surface in stages to avoid damage to his health. However, saturation diving solves this problem.

Some of the advantages of this technique include:

Less work time

The diver can remain in pressurized chambers with a constant supply of essential gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. In this way, they can be kept submerged at great depths and safely until the job is finished.

Increased safety for divers

Ascent to the surface from great depths is a delicate process that must be carried out in stages to achieve adequate decompression and avoid health problems.

Because saturation diving makes it possible to stay underwater throughout the operation, the diver is not put at risk by making multiple ascents to the surface.

Greater availability for operations

Scuba diving allows divers to expand the type of work performed by divers, giving them the necessary tools to be able to work safely and efficiently in hydraulic structures offshore, or in large reservoirs and dams.