Since the early nineties

INSTALSUB has made a place in the commercial diving industry, thanks to the working ability of its team, the interest in new technologies and the desire to innovate new techniques of work related to the world of diving with harsh environments that require the intervention of professional teams able to act in these ways.

Growing as a company and with the support of the latest technical advances INSTALSUB conducts business with organizations and companies from different areas: marine, infrastructure, scientific, environmental.
The professional range is more diversified, without losing the expertise in each of the areas.
The professional activity of INSTALSUB preserves the security of their operations through effective and high quality projects.



Our operations center is centralized within the Barcelona port headquarters. It occupies an area of approximately 2000m2, where we have all the necessary equipment to perform a huge variety of different tasks in the submarine an aquatic world as also in different atmospheric environments.

We have a meeting room for briefings, training and presentation of products related in our field.

Our warehouse is fully equipped for any maintenance and repair technology operations required including a section for remote control underwater vehicles.

Medios Humanos

Human Resources

Professional divers, technicians, Patterns, Mariners, Mechanics, Maintenance Workers and administrative staff. All part of the conglomerate INSTALSUB to enable all projects that our clients trust us.

INSTALSUB important part is the teamwork. For us it is the backbone for the realization of all the work we do.

Each of us is an added value to our company and a key for and to our customers.