Servicios de inspección de R.O.V

R.O.V. Inspection Services

INSTALSUB has created a specialized unit in operation with R.O.V. (Remote Operated Vehicles), formed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals called R.O.V inspection services, in the underwater sector in scientific and industrial fields and offering a professional service of the highest quality.

All members of this team have a long history performing underwater operations and have international training in the management of R.O.V., managing to maneuver them precisely to carry out all kinds of inspections and operations.

Thanks to the diversity in the specialties of the members of this team, they always manage to obtain the best results, guaranteeing the success of the inspection operation without excluding any detail, no matter how small it may seem.

Operations with R.O.V. They comprise a wide range of services focused primarily on researching and collecting information in a safe way, creating a solid base for the operation and anticipating the possible complications that the diver may experience.

Las del Servicios de inspección de R.O.V

Due to the fact that it gives the possibility of integrating different instruments on board, the application possibilities of a R.O.V. are highly varied. Some of the most common are:
R.O.V inspection services

Outfall inspection

In-depth evaluation and inspection of various underwater structures such as submarine outfalls and piers. The R.O.V. allows faults to be found before they cause much more damage, many of our works are carried out in the port of Barcelona and also offshore work.
R.O.V inspection services

Environmental impact studies

Field studies that allow us to evaluate the general state of the underwater environment, carrying out activities such as posidonia censuses and evaluation of artificial reefs, among a wide range of options that exist in this field.
R.O.V inspection services

Rescue missions

Participation in marine rescue missions in cases of emergencies and accidents. The precision instruments on board the R.O.V. They allow us to quickly locate people and lost objects, this service is usually necessary to have one or more professional boats prepared for possible dives.
R.O.V inspection services

Recognition of shipwrecks

The versatility of the R.O.V. allows us to carry out reconnaissance operations on wrecked ships, evaluating both the periphery and the interior in search of objects of interest.
R.O.V inspection services

Scientific studies

Participation in scientific studies of different kinds within the R.O.V inspection services, helping in the collection of information and data for proper processing and future analysis.
R.O.V inspection services

Graphic documentation

The high-resolution cameras equipped in the R.O.V. They allow us to carry out graphic documentation operations by allowing us to acquire photos and videos in great detail.

Work carried out with the inspection services of R.O.V

These are some examples of our R.O.V. inspection jobs or services, they are not all.

In case you need an inspection service from R.O.V. contact us to study your needs and prepare a customized estimate.