Trabajos en Espacios confinados

Work in Hostile Environments

Our staff is qualified and has experience working in confined spaces where the means of entry and exit are limited, with little natural ventilation and are not suitable for continuous human occupation.

This experience is not only limited to underwater spaces, it also includes other hostile spaces and environments; particularly those where the atmosphere is unbreathable and special equipment is required to carry out inspection, maintenance and repair work.

Our technicians are specialists in carrying out all types of work in pipes or rooms with difficult access, confined spaces and various hostile environments.

In addition, the professionalism of the team allows them to work quickly, staying calm regardless of the difficulty of the operation or adverse circumstances and guaranteeing the quality and success of the work to be done.

Work in confined spaces

Our technicians have performed numerous operations within small spaces and pipes successfully.

What are work in confined spaces or harsh environments?

They are all those operations carried out within places that pose a challenge to enter or exit them. This type of work includes inspection tasks in search of failures and maintenance and repair of said structures.

Sometimes these places can put the safety of workers at risk, as they are exposed to various types of accidents such as getting stuck.

The little room to maneuver also increases the difficulty of the job, requiring technicians who are fully prepared and capable of working under all circumstances.

Similarly, the complexity of these environments can place a psychological burden on workers by subjecting them to situations of stress and anxiety due to limited space.

Works in confined spaces

These jobs include tasks such as welding and repairs in all types of confined spaces, generally within pipes.

However, these spaces are not always submerged under water, they can also be underground or located outdoors.

Work in hostile environments

Operations in environments that are not suitable for human life or that pose a danger to the personnel working in them. These jobs include repair and maintenance work in places with polluted water, places with poor visibility or underwater work at great depths with high atmospheric pressure.