Obra Hidraulica

Treballs d'obra hidràulica

INSTALSUB has long experience in repairs and maintenance in hydraulic works such as seabed protection works and repair of outfalls. Its team of technicians and engineers has extensive knowledge about the behavior and operation of a great diversity of hydraulic structures, becoming a team of experts capable of facing any type of operation regardless of the situation or the structure to be repaired.

Thanks to the high-tech equipment they have, they are capable of working on all types of works, ranging from offshore operations at great depths and dams, to operations on beaches and docks.

The work of INSTALSUB in hydraulic works includes carrying out inspections of the works and installing cathodic protections in pipes. If necessary, they also have experts in charge of carrying out demolition operations safely.

Treballs realitzats d'obra hidràulica

We carry out professional operations in underwater structures carried out accurately and efficiently.

Que son los trabajos de obra Hidráulica

Se refiere a todas las operaciones efectuadas en estructuras subacuáticas o en contacto con el agua, incluyendo labores de evaluación, reparación y demolición.

All hydraulic works require routine inspections to ensure the correct operation of equipment and structures, as well as to avoid possible undiagnosed complications as a result of aquatic corrosion or other factors. In this way, the continuous and safe operation of said hydraulic work is guaranteed.

On the other hand, in case of finding a fault, the work team carries out the pertinent repair work regardless of the type of structure.

Additionally, the works in hydraulic works also include the installation of some subsea structures.

Installation of buoys

Underwater operations for the installation of marine buoys for different purposes such as signaling or meteorological functions.

The team of divers is in charge of making the proper anchoring of the buoy on the seabed or the replacement of a buoy in poor condition with a new one.

Mooring installation work

Installation of moorings on the seabed for anchoring buoys. In this type of operations, the work team is in charge of evaluating the seabed to determine the depth and location of the area where the anchorage will be installed. The divers then perform the anchor installation work next to the buoy.