Salvamento de Barcos

Refloated or Salvage of Ship

INSTALSUB‘s professional divers are highly prepared for ship and boat recovery, rescue and salvage operations including services such as: launching and removal of wrecks, anchor recovery and support services.

INSTALSUB is qualified to inspect seagoing vessels in accordance with classification societies such as Lloyd’s register, DeT Norske Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd, American Bureau of Shipping and RINA.

The experience of our professionals allows us to follow the entire process of underwater inspections, recording them with audiovisual material to later make the relevant reports.

Ship Rescue Work

We take care of keeping boats and vessels afloat, fixing structural problems and making sure they are in good condition.

What are boat salvage jobs?

They are all those operations that are carried out to rescue ships, whether they have been shipwrecked or are in the process of sinking.

Said operations include other types of work, such as change of sacrificial anodes, cleaning and polishing of propellers and welding with cofferdown, the objective of which is to prevent the sinking of the ship, although it is still in acceptable condition.

Using different techniques, divers can refloat sinking ships, allowing the emergency to be overcome and buying enough time for the pertinent repairs to be carried out. In this way, they guarantee the safety of the boat and the personnel on board.

Boat refloat

It consists of putting ships that are sunk, stranded, or stranded afloat. This procedure can be carried out by towing the boat or by troubleshooting any existing faults.

The sooner the measurements are taken, the easier it will be to refloat the ship.

Refloat of dredgers

Occasionally, accidents occur during the excavation of the seabed that lead to the sinking of underwater dredgers. Similar to the work carried out with the vessels, the personnel of INSTAL SUB is trained to refloat said dredgers so that they can return to be used.

Submarine CCTV inspections of ships

INSTAL SUB is also in charge of carrying out submarine inspections of ships in case of suspected failure, in order to prevent possible accidents that lead to its sinking.

The inspections are carried out with CCTV to properly document all the submerged structures and make the required report.