The 5 best places to dive in Spain

Many times we just need an excuse to obey that little internal voice that requires us to go online to find a plane ticket and take out our bags to break the routine.

Clearly, scuba diving is our favorite and most recommended excuse to go out and find adventure, excitement and wonder on your travels.

The best thing is that you don’t have to go far to experience all those incredible emotions; Spain is full of lively, colorful and perfect places to get out of the routine with the sole pretext of experiencing and coexisting with underwater life.

Here we tell you which are the 5 best places to dive in Spain, and at once we show you the most representative fauna with which you will be able to come across, the specific sites with the best conditions for diving and the most beautiful environments that you will be able to see in your dives.

The 5 best places to dive in Spain

The 5 best places to dive in Spain

1.- Menorca, Baleares Islands

The North of Menorca, with its crystal clear waters and its abundant fauna, is one of the greatest protagonists of diving in the Balearic Islands.

In the waters of Menorca you can find some red mullet, oblada fish, the striking green fish or less frequently the golden fish.

If you are experienced, the Cap d’en Font cave system should be on your list of destinations and, preferably, at the top of your list.
Nearby, there is also the Isla del Aire, an ideal destination for divers of any level and with reefs full of color and life.

2.- Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Gran Canaria, specifically, the area of Mogán is very famous for its strong tourism in terms of scuba diving, the controversy over the couple of ships sunk on purpose to raise tourism, which, either way, ended up working, is well known.

Apart from Mogán there are many other places of interest for diving lovers, the El Cabrón marine reserve is a reserve known for its numerous wrecks and its wide fauna, as well as La Caleta and Sardina del Norte.

In your dives in Gran Canaria you will be able to meet sea turtles, murenids, some species of cephalopods such as the old nautilus and you will also be able to come across an octopus, although they are usually very shy.

The 5 best places to dive in Spain

The 5 best places to dive in Spain

3.- El Hierro, Canary Islands

There is little to say that is not already known about El Hierro, a well-known and representative destination for Spanish diving, this site so appreciated by divers for its volcanic depths, its crystal clear waters and its numerous species of tropical fish is a very rewarding guaranteed.

Sea turtles, sperm whales, pilot whales, and even some sunray sharks will be your companions on your dives in the waters of El Hierro.

4.- La Herradura, Granada

In La Herradura, Granada is well known and visited for its large number of coves with calm waters and its enormous variety of species of algae, corals, cephalopods, corals and species highly sought after by divers, such as sunfish or bony fish, Known for being the heaviest fish in the world.

If you are an experienced diver you cannot miss Punta de la Mona, where you can reach depths of up to 50 meters.

If you are looking for an easier dive and suitable for all levels of diver, you cannot miss the sublime sandy rocks of La Marina beach, a 14 meter dive.

Wherever you go to La Herradura, you will always find beautiful landscapes set by a simply delicious climate in any season of the year.

5.- Columbretes Islands, Castellón

This archipelago is considered one of the most important protected natural areas in Valencia which, with its more than six miles of coastline and its 80 meters of varied depths, is a simply paradisiacal place that will ensure an unforgettable adventure.

The variety of bottoms ranges from canyons, sandbanks, rocky and even Posidonia meadows.

Being a protected area, it is natural to find translucent waters that allow us to see a great variety of fauna and depths brushed by sublime colors of the vegetation.

The fauna is made up mainly of columbrete fish, such as groupers, stingrays, sponges, mullets and large specimens of groupers and lobsters. With luck you can find some sunfish or bottlenose dolphins.

The 5 best places to dive in Spain

The 5 best places to dive in Spain

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